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Bonus Trading UK Ltd is an established supplier of packaging and label consumables to all types of industry, to help protect and identify products in storage and transit.
Brand : Bonus
01933 625100
Trading House P.O. Box: PO Box 6935 Rushden Northants NN10 6WZ UK
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Strung and Unstrung Parcel Tags

Bonus Trading offer a range of parcel tags for any products that need a tie on label, these are an excellent way to identify information quickly.  Used  in  airports, manufacturing, food industry and for any product that needs a parcel tag.

Strung and Unstrung Parcel Tags
Product DescriptionQTYCodePrice3+5+0+0+0+QtyView Details
108x54mm Manilla Tags Strung1000961201730.1527.1424.1221.7120.5019.29View
120x60mm Manilla Tags Strung1000961201933.3630.0226.6924.0222.6821.35View
134x67mm Manilla Tags Strung1000961202735.4231.8828.3325.5024.0922.66View
70x35mm Manilla Tags Strung1000961200826.9424.2521.5519.4018.3217.24View
82x41mm Manilla Tags Strung1000961201026.6824.0021.3419.2118.1417.07View
96x48mm Manilla Tags Strung1000961201227.8025.0222.2320.0118.9017.78View
108x54mm Manilla Tags Unstrung1000961201820.8418.7616.6715.0014.1713.33View
120x60mm Manilla Tags Unstrung1000961202624.9822.4919.9917.9916.9915.99View
134x67mm Manilla Tags Unstrung1000961202826.9124.2221.5319.3818.3017.23View
70x35mm Manilla Tags Unstrung1000961200913.6712.3110.949.849.308.75View
82x41mm Manilla Tags Unstrung1000961201115.3913.8512.3111.0710.469.84View
96x48mm Manilla Tags Unstrung1000961201416.8815.1913.5012.1611.4810.81View