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Gummed Paper Tape and Reinforced Paper Tape

Gummed paper tape provides an excellent level of security and presentation for your cartons and parcels.  

  • Gummed paper tape adds the extra strength to the closure
  • Tamper evidence - Gummed paper tape cannont be removed from the carton without leaving traces of damage
  • Gummed paper tape is Tolerant to extreme variations of temperture and humiditiy, making it excellent for long term storage
Listed below is both standard and Reinforced Paper Tape

Sold in case quantities as below

Gummed Paper Tape and Reinforced Paper Tape
Product DescriptionQTYCodePrice24+48+0+0+0+QtyView Details
96mmx200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape1201161336.906.215.52---View
96mmx200m GSO Gummed Paper Tape1201161346.906.215.52---View
Product DescriptionQTYCodePrice32+64+0+0+0+QtyView Details
70mmx100m GSI Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape
- Order in Cases of 16
70mmx200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape101161317.787.006.22---View
70mmx200m GSO Gummed Paper TapeEACH01161325.134.614.10---View
Product DescriptionQTYCodePrice48+96+0+0+0+QtyView Details
48mmx100m GSI Reinforced Gummed Paper Tape
- 125gsm
48mmx200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape101161294.003.603.20---View
48mmx200m GSO Gummed Paper Tape2401161303.403.062.72---View
Product DescriptionQTYCodePrice64+128+0+0+0+QtyView Details
36mmx200m GSI Gummed Paper Tape3201161272.632.362.10---View
36mmx200m GSO Gummed Paper Tape3201161282.632.362.10---View
Product DescriptionQTYCodePrice96+192+0+0+0+QtyView Details
Gummed Paper Tape 24mmx200m GSI4801161251.751.581.40---View